Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse

Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse 20x16

20″ x 16″ oil on panel

A photo from our recent trip to Maine was used as a reference for this oil painting.  Acadia National Park is beautiful.  I loved the colorful rocks here and on Cadillac Mountain.

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Lotus Blossoms

Lotus Blossoms 12x24

12″ x 24″ Oil on panel

This scene is painted from a photo that I took on our last trip.  We were visiting the Poughkeepsie, NY area.  The painting does not due justice to the gorgeous pond.  I had to stop along a country road and quickly take pictures with my long lens.  There were lots of “No Trespassing” signs posted so I stayed at the roadside.

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Hambley-Wallace House

Hambley-Wallace House 12x9

12″ x 9″ Oil on panel

I painted this with Plein Air Carolina at the Hambley-Wallace House in Salisbury.  It is side view of a beautiful old mansion on Fulton street.  I love the detail in the granite work and how it reflects the light.

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Mama and Foal

Mamma and Foal 16x20

16″ x 20″ Oil painting on panel

As I recall this was a very young foal playing in the pasture with it’s mother.  This was painted in my studio from a reference photo that I took at a friend’s horse farm near Lexington, NC.  I love the way the mother is keeping an eye on her baby.

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Sunset Reflections

Sunset Reflections 12x24

12″ x 24″ Oil on panel

This is a studio painting.  I used a photo that I took at a nearby lake as reference.

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Vineyard by the Lake

Vineyard by the Lake 24x30

24″ x 30″ Oil on canvas, gallery wrap with painted edges

This is a studio painting using a photo from last summer’s trip to Watkins Glen, NY.  We enjoyed the many vineyards that line the shores of the beautiful Seneca Lake.  If you are in that area don’t miss the Watkins Glen State Park with its 19 waterfalls.

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Azaleas in Peach

Azaleas in Peach 16x12

16″ x 12″ Oil on panel

There is always something blooming in Hurley Park.  This was blocked in on site at the Plein Air Carolina Friday Paint Out.  It was finished in my studio at Rail Walk.  Spring is a beautiful time of year in Salisbury, NC.

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The Giant Pear

The Giant Pear 30x24

30″ x 24″ Oil on linen

I had planned to paint a landscape on this canvas.  But I found this pear sitting in the Rail Walk Studios & Gallery kitchen.  So I had fun painting a giant pear.  I love still life.

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Yellowstone Falls

Yellowstone Falls 56x40

56″ x 40″ Oil on gallery wrapped canvas with painted edges

Give an artist a canvas and the artist will paint.  This painting is based on a photo taken at Yellowstone National Park several years ago.  Can you find the people?

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Vineyard Morning

Vineyard Morning 24x36

24″ x 36″ Oil on gallery wrap with painted edges

This is a studio painting from a photo that I took during a paint out.  I was attracted to the backlit vines and the misty morning background.  The painting is currently drying in my Rail Walk studio.  You are always welcome to visit Rail Walk Studios and Gallery in Salisbury, NC.

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