Hydrangea Bouquet

24″ x 36″ oil on gallery wrap canvas with painted edges

This is a painting that I did in my studio. I used a photo of a smaller painting of mine as a reference. I was thinking that it might look nice in my dining room.

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Orchid Dance

12″ x 24″ oil painting on a gallery wrap canvas with painted edges

This is a studio painting of white orchids that I painted from life in my home studio. I hope to get back to my studio at Rail Walk Gallery in Salisbury, North Carolina soon. I have some ideas that I would like to try on larger canvases.

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Black Swallowtail Butterfly

24″ x 12″ Oil on canvas

I took some paintings to Gallery Zella in Bryson City, NC.  When exploring the town I was drawn to a bridge that had beautiful pink petunias along the rail.  That was when I noticed this butterfly enjoying them, too.  Bryson City is a lovely small town near the Smoky Mountains that is known for a train ride into the mountains.  If you visit don’t miss Gallery Zella.

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Wild Poppies

Wild Poppies 24x30

24″ x 30″ Oil on a gallery wrap canvas with painted edges

This is a studio painting.  I combined two photos.  These hillside poppies caught my eye when I was taking a walk near Glacier National Park.  Mixed in with the poppies were other wildflowers in shades of violet.

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Peonies in the Park

18″ x 24″ Oil on canvas

I found these peonies at Hurley Park.  Nature arranged them for me.

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Lotus Blossoms

Lotus Blossoms 12x24

12″ x 24″ Oil on panel

This scene is painted from a photo that I took on our last trip.  We were visiting the Poughkeepsie, NY area.  The painting does not due justice to the gorgeous pond.  I had to stop along a country road and quickly take pictures with my long lens.  There were lots of “No Trespassing” signs posted so I stayed at the roadside.

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Azaleas in Yellow

Azaleas in Yellow 10x8

10″ x 8 ” Oil on linen panel

I went to Hurley Park in Salisbury, NC to do a simple tree study.  But I saw these wonderful yellow azaleas.  So my tree study turned into an azalea study.  Just love all the spring flowers and the fresh greens of spring.

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Daffodils & Copper

Daffodils and Copper 14x18

14″ x 18″ Oil on Canvas Board

Picked these from our neighborhood and put them in my favorite copper watering can.

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Old Salem Hydrangeas

Old Salem Hydrangeas 9x12

9″ x 12″ Oil on wood panel

These hydrangeas were blooming by one of the old brick buildings at Old Salem in Winston-Salem, NC.  Enjoyed the day painting with Plein Air Carolina.

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Spring Celebration

Spring Celebration 12x9

12″ x 9″ Oil on a linen panel

This is a plein air impression of a rhododendron blooming in my friend’s yard.

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