Hydrangea Bouquet

24″ x 36″ oil on gallery wrap canvas with painted edges

This is a painting that I did in my studio. I used a photo of a smaller painting of mine as a reference. I was thinking that it might look nice in my dining room.

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Sugar & Creamer Set

11″ x 14″ Oil on panel

I finally found time to paint a still life of my whimsical sugar bowl and creamer set. It was last year’s Christmas gift from my husband. He knew I would want to make a painting of it. The cherries were added for a touch of color.

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Sitting Pretty

6″ x 8″ Oil on panel

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year.

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The Giant Pear

The Giant Pear 30x24

30″ x 24″ Oil on linen

I had planned to paint a landscape on this canvas.  But I found this pear sitting in the Rail Walk Studios & Gallery kitchen.  So I had fun painting a giant pear.  I love still life.

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Hydrangeas in Crystalline Pottery

Hydrangeas in Crystalline Pottery 24x20

24″ x 20″ Oil on Linen with painted edges

This is one of my favorite pieces of pottery with one of my favorite flowers.

Daffodils & Copper

Daffodils and Copper 14x18

14″ x 18″ Oil on Canvas Board

Picked these from our neighborhood and put them in my favorite copper watering can.

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On the Rocks

On the Rocks 8x10

8″ x 10″ Oil on Cradled Panel with painted edges

I painted “On the Rocks” for “Rail Walk Rocks” our current exhibit at Rail Walk Studios & Gallery in Salisbury, NC. Hope you can join us for our reception this Friday, February 26th, 5:15-7:17 PM.  You can even help arrange our rock installations and decorate your own rocks.  You can find more information on the Rail Walk Studios & Gallery website and on our facebook page.  See you there.

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Cobalt and Oranges

Cobalt and Oranges 10x8

10″ x 8″ Oil on board

I needed to be at Rail Walk the last few days.  So instead of plein air I practiced using a palette knife to paint a still life including one of my favorite blue bottles.

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Salisbury Cheer II

Sallisbury Cheer II 8x10

8″ x 10″ Oil on cradled panel

This is a small studio study using my old Cheerwine bottle and cherries.  Cheerwine began in Salisbury in 1917.  You can find out more about Cheerwine at www.cheerwine.com. 

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Violet and Eggplant

Violet and Eggplant 6x6

6″ x 6″ Oil on cradled panel with painted edges

The eggplant is the third and final painting for my client.  Love the challenge of commission painting.

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